Debunking the „Debunking the Myth of the Muslim Tide“ Part VIII

Part of the series Debunking the „Debunking the Myth of the Muslim Tide“

Claim: The growth in Muslim populations is accompanied by a growth in Islamic extremism and terrorism. (p. 105)

The threat of Islamic terror is not exaggerated. According to this NYT article in the US twice as many people have died from non-Islamic terrorism than from Islamic terrorism. This statistic excludes explicitly the dead of the attack of September 11th. If the number of dead is put in relation with the number of potential attackers it follows that the terrorist threat which emanates from Muslims is about 25 times greater than that from non-Muslimsis since there are 50 times more non-Muslims than Muslims in the United States.[Die angebliche Überbewertung des muslimischen Terrors]

A third of Muslim students in the UK say killing in the name of religion is justified. [] This figure goes up to 60 % for ISOC (Islamic Society) members.[ (pdf)]

Therefore it is obvious that as the share of Muslims rises the share of Islamic extremists will rise.


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